The ‘Croft’


Introducing our exciting new 'Croft' greenhouse range; the smallest greenhouse in its class to feature a dormer entrance, and still including all the quality and craftsmanship you'd find on any of our larger models.

9'-10" x 7'-5" Croft in Reed Green

We're really excited about our newest range, the 'Croft' greenhouse; only White Cottage offers a range of greenhouses this small with the dormer entrance feature in the longer side. This beautiful and popular style of greenhouse can now be part of any garden, large or small, with our unique design which incorporates the 'porch' style entrance into a straighforward, flush fronted rectangular brickwork base.

And of course, all our 'Croft' glasshouses benefit from same the quality workmanship and materials as our larger bespoke designs. Still included as standard is the mortise and tenon hinged door, automatic roof ventillation and finish in a choice of colours, and there is also a wide variety of staging and shelving options available.

Pictured are both size options; above is the larger model, measuring 9'-10" by 7'-5", and below is the smaller model, measuring just 7'-5" by 6'-3". At White Cottage we're proud to offer our customers this new, competitively priced standard range, combining innovation with our core ethos of producing traditionally styled greenhouses which perform to the highest standards, and are built to last.

The 'Croft' greenhouse range features:7'-5" x 6'-3" Croft in White

  • Unique dormer entrance design  
  • Flush fronted brick base
  • Two size options
  • Generous headroom
  • Western red Cedar side frames and door
  • Polyester powder coated aluminium maintainance-free roof
  • 4mm toughened glass throughout
  • Wide choice of colours (see our Colours page)


Size options:

Model 1

Model 2 

1910 x 2268mm (6' 3" x 7' 5")  2268 x 2984mm (7' 5" x 9' 10")
2 Automatic Roof Vents  4 Automatic Roof Vents
Price (inc VAT): £6,275  Price (inc VAT): £7,985

All of our prices include delivery and installation as standard.