Two specifications of glasshouse, both synonymous with period architecture

The golden era of the greenhouse was in England during the Victorian and Edwardian ages between the mid 1800’s and the early 1900’s as the wealthy upper class competed to build the most elaborate buildings.

It follows that the greenhouses we produce today here at White Cottage are described in such a way and we’ve therefore borrowed the expressions ‘Victorian’ and ‘Edwardian’ to distinguish between our two main specifications of greenhouse.

...traditional vent gear can be specified

As the architecture of the period demonstrates we refer to our larger, more ornate and typically traditional buildings as ‘Victorian’. They employ more substantial timber sections and are constructed in a way consistent with the greenhouses made by the leading manufacturers of the day like W. Richardson & Co and Thomas Messenger. Cast aluminium spandrel brackets are used to provide additional strength and traditional vent gear can be specified to operate the large opening sashes along the sides of the greenhouse.

Our ‘Edwardian’ specification uses lighter timber sections, has a more simple appearance, and can be used to produce a glasshouse that is more cost effective for a given size than its ‘Victorian’ equivalent. All of our standard models are constructed to this specification along with the majority of our bespoke buildings.

Creating bespoke, traditional greenhouses, for those who prefer something special...

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