Staging and shelving are essential in a working greenhouse and can turn a dead space into a valuable feature.


All our benches and shelving are made from Western Red Cedar and are tailored to fit snugly, maximising growing space. Window boards can also be ordered to cover the tops of exposed brickwork inside the greenhouse framework. Cedar is left untreated to gently mellow with age but can be treated after installation with most oils and stains.


...Add cold frames to harden-off plants

We can calculate heat loss from your greenhouse and specify suitable heating requirements as well as providing a range of off-the-shelf heaters that are adequate for most domestic greenhouses.

Add cold frames to harden-off plants and free up space in the greenhouse as well as providing the ideal conditions to protect more hardy plants from the elements during the winter months. Choose from three different standard width options or specify a bespoke frame to suit your needs. Made to order units can be provided to either stand alone or sit perfectly alongside your greenhouse.

Creating bespoke, traditional greenhouses, for those who prefer something special...

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"The whole process was very professionally conducted and the finished product has exceeded expectation."

Mark Benson