Choosing a colour can transform the appearance of your greenhouse

The use of colour can dramatically change the look of your greenhouse and is often used to make it either stand out or blend in. Typically the Victorians would use brilliant white for their greenhouses; coupled with whitewashed interior walls it creates a really bright environment ideal for growing.

...drawing one's eye from other parts of the garden

A crisp white building can also look good in a secluded spot, drawing one's eye from other parts of the garden. Subtle off-whites are commonly used to warm up the appearance when a bright atmosphere is still required while greens and greys are becoming increasingly popular too with some very strong colours really helping to make a statement in some gardens where other materials and planting demand it.

Over the years we’ve developed a diverse palette of standard colours that have proved popular and effective in many situations. We can, of course, match most RAL or BS colours. Please ask about our matching service and availability of more unusual colours.

Standard Colours

Colour Code Swatch
White RAL 9016
Ivory BS 10 B 15
Oatmeal BS 10 B 17
Lizard Grey BS 10 B 21
Willow Green BS 12 B 17
Moorland BS 12 B 21
Heron BS 18 B 17
Pigeon Blue BS 18 C 35
Olive Green RAL 6003
Reed Green RAL 6013
Green Grey RAL 7009
Pebble Grey RAL 7032
Light Grey RAL 7035


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