Victorian or Edwardian?

Our two specifications of greenhouse - explained

During the Victorian times, architecture was ornate and when glass tax was abolished in 1845 greenhouses became even more popular, especially among the rich, and competition to build the most outrageous structures was commonplace.

Typical greenhouses of the time were built in modular sections divided by chunky rafters and mullions creating strong portal frames onto which more delicate purlins and glazing bars would sit to support the glass. Cast iron was used to produce functional yet beautiful brackets and mechanisms that helped tie the timber frames together and provide a means to operate and control continuous runs of large opening vents.

...which adds to a truly Victorian period look

Our ‘Victorian’ models are almost identical. Thin and vulnerable timber glazing bars have been replaced by aluminium bars in the roof while the rest of the greenhouse takes its construction directly from these original and timeless structures. We produce large opening roof vents, now automatically controlled, and offer traditional multi-bay opening sashes in the sides which can be operated via simple casement stays or lever operated cast aluminium gear.

Ovolo patterns are used on the timber glazing bars and rafters while glazing centres are kept small which adds to a truly Victorian period look. Because of its construction our ‘Victorian’ specification is typically used for larger span greenhouses and when a stronger visual impact is important.

...our ‘Edwardian’ greenhouses are simpler in appearance

The Edwardian era saw slight changes in architecture. Dark and elaborate details were replaced with simpler, lighter and more airy designs. Glass was available in larger sizes and it follows that our ‘Edwardian’ greenhouses are simpler in appearance with larger glass panels and more slender timber sections. Less heavily defined portals are used in favour of the large timber rafters of the ‘Victorian’ and variations between the different timber sections is reduced to give a more even appearance.

Our ‘Edwardian’ greenhouses use a lot less timber and are therefore significantly more cost effective for a given size. Manufactured and finished in the same way as our ‘Victorian’ models they are made to the same high standards but are less ornate and incredibly versatile. Vents are normally smaller and less detail in the profiles gives them a more simple appearance.

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