The White Cottage Promise

We guarantee the workmanship and materials used in all our greenhouses. If your greenhouse  has any kind of manufacturing or installation defect any necessary repair or replacement will be  provided without charge.

The main framework of all our greenhouses is constructed from Accoya® wood; a chemically  modified timber in which a process called acetylation, a cutting-edge patented technology,  enables it to resist rot, defy the elements and stay strong for decades.

Accoya® timber comes with a 50-year guarantee from the manufacturers.

Our framework is assembled using stainless steel fixings and construction adhesives throughout  and prepared prior to coating with specialist end-grain and joint fillers.

We use a 3-coat paint system to finish our timber greenhouse frames. All coats are factory  applied in our dedicated spraying facility. Manufactured by Teknos, a leading company in the field  of professional wood coatings, and developed for external applications, the paint has an up to 12  year warranty as stated by the manufacturer when used on Accoya®.

As with any exterior painted timber product, we recommended that you keep an eye on the  condition of your greenhouse to prevent any minor issues from developing. If the paint seal is  broken and water gets underneath this can still cause the paint to flake/lift off. We recommend  you keep the finish clean, and if you notice any small chips/cracks on the paint work these should  be touched up promptly; providing this is done in a timely fashion then the finish will last for a  great many years without any significant deterioration.

We use aluminium extrusions for the ridge, roof glazing bars and vents. The aluminium profiles  used are sympathetic to the timber framework, and are polyester powder coated to match the  paint finish. As with the timber side frames, we do recommend that you look after the structure,  making sure that it is cleaned regularly, and any chips are sealed in a timely fashion.

The powder coating is guaranteed for 10 years, however, if you follow the above guidance it  should last as long as the structure.

The greenhouse is glazed throughout with 4mm toughened one-piece glass units. All glass is  toughened to BS EN 12600 / EN 12150 standards. It is not possible to guarantee glass against  breakages, but information relating to all greenhouses is kept on record so if you require  replacements please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Roof ventilators are temperature controlled by Bayliss Mk VII automatic openers. Bayliss  automatic roof vent openers come with a 2-year guarantee from the manufacturers but should  last for many more years. Spare parts are available – contact us for further advice.

Side vents and doors are hung with brass or stainless steel hinges and are fitted with solid brass hardware. We  recommend normal maintenance associated with any moving parts such as oiling hinges  periodically etc. We cannot guarantee moving parts (e.g. hinges, casements, door handles)  against reasonable wear and tear with use over time. The brass hardware has an unlacquered  finish and whilst it will become dull and darken over time, if left untouched, it’s very easy to bring  it back to its original sheen with a cloth and a metal polish.

Rainwater collection is either via Hunter 76mm half-round PVCu or powder coated steel ‘Lindab’  rainwater goods. Gutters should be kept clear of leaves, debris etc which will clog them up and  prevent efficient operation.

We are continually seeking to improve our products. If your greenhouse was installed before  2018 please contact us for more specific assistance.

We are not responsible for repairing any damage caused to the greenhouse by the customer or  third parties.