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Our unique free-standing greenhouse with dormer entrance

It’s always been popular to add an element of interest to the typical free-standing greenhouse by using a porch or dormer style entrance in the centre of the long side. It enables us to position the door of the greenhouse in the longer side without the need to excessively raise the height of the roof. Greenhouses can tend to look ‘top-heavy’ when the eaves are raised simply to accommodate a door in the side and similarly, adding a full porch-style entrance can be counter-productive when floor space is limited. The solution is simple yet striking and forms the basis of our Croft greenhouse. The door is located flush within the footprint of a traditional rectangular base and a dormer roof provides an interesting feature whilst allowing the eaves to remain low.

The croft is available in three sizes; both the length and width increase from each size to the next.

Model 1

Model 2

Model 3

1910 x 2268mm

2268 x 2984mm

2984 x 3700mm

6'-3" x 7'-5"

7'-5" x 9'-10"

9'-10" x 12'-2"

2 Automatic Roof Vents

4 Automatic Roof Vents

6 Automatic Roof Vents




Prices include delivery (UK mainland only), installation and VAT. Basework not provided.

Key features:

  • Unique dormer entrance design
  • Flush fronted rectangular footprint
  • Three size options
  • Generous headroom
  • Accoya® side frames and door
  • Polyester powder coated aluminium maintenance-free roof
  • 4mm toughened glass throughout
  • Finished in a choice of colours

Creating bespoke, traditional greenhouses, for those who prefer something special...

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"A big thank you for my wonderful greenhouse, it certainly is impressive and exceeded my expectations."

Janet Dickson