In Summary

  • Highest specification
  • Classic portal framed structure
  • Larger, more ornate timber profiles
  • Much narrower, more delicate glazing
  • Full length ventilation available
  • Timber rafters
  • Bespoke ideal for larger – over 3m greenhouses
  • 1 Signature model from £31,884

The ‘Victorian’ specification provides the platform to reproduce the grand old buildings of this era accurately; a really authentic look for those with a discerning eye for detail.

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of greenhouses from this period is the classic portal framed structure, often tied and strengthened with ironwork, supporting the rest of the structure.

Large rafters and mullions at regular intervals formed modular sections which were subdivided into four or so individual bays.


Signature Model or Bespoke?

We offer 2 pathways to specifying your ideal greenhouse.

If a freestanding building suits your needs and you have some flexibility on specific dimensions you may find the perfect solution in our Signature Collection. If your situation is more restricted, or perhaps you wish to replace an original structure or reuse existing brickwork, our bespoke service offers you full design flexibility and includes all mono-pitch and three-quarter span lean-to greenhouses.


Our Signature Collection

  • Signature Collection

    The Egerton

    Providing off-the-shelf luxury for the larger garden. A steeply pitched roof and a protruding porch entrance make it an attractive alternative to our smaller signature buildings.

Our Bespoke Service

Bespoke Victorian

Our highest specification; with larger and more ornate timber profiles. Perfect for lean-to greenhouses over 3m wide and other larger span buildings.

The best of both worlds

We use a combination of Accoya® wood and aluminium extrusions to produce unique greenhouses that combine the authenticity and ambience of classic period timber structures with low maintenance and a lifetime guarantee*.